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Horse Training
The Paramount training program consists of:
1. Starting young horses
2. Training horses to jump and specialize in Hunters and Showjumping
3. Basic Dressage and Flatwork

Joe Ifko has been training and competing showjumping horses for more than 25 years. Joe and his staff start all the young horses that are born at Paramount in addition to young prospects from other breeders across Alberta.

Experienced horses that need some re-training or help with specific problems are also trained at Paramount.
Paramount riders compete at competitions throughout North America and are coached at these events by Paramount coaches.

Team Paramount attend novice rider shows in and around Calgary and host two novice shows at the Paramount show grounds.
P'tit Trot Program
P’tit Trot is a new and exciting program for children who love horses and want to learn about riding English and caring for horses. The P'tit Trot book is fully illustrated throughout and introduces children 5 and over to the basics of English Riding and learning how to care for a horse or pony. The colorful drawings and the amusing antics of P'tit Trot, help the child discover and teach themselves the ABC's of riding and how to care for their horse or pony.

Parents are invited to use this entertaining and educational presentation that is ideal for horse lovers. It can also be used to prepare and support activities offered in preparation to begin the English Learn to Ride levels.

Included in the program package is a colorfully illustrated four chapter booklet, certificates and stickers for each level plus lots of extra goodies the children will enjoy. Each of the chapters - Bronze Horseshoe, Silver Horseshoe, Gold Horseshoe and Platinum Horseshoe - cover specific topics on horse care and riding. As the participants complete each chapter, they can place the matching horseshoe sticker on the certificate.
Learn to Ride
We have officially started the Equine Canada Learn to Ride program and are now offering the Levels 1 – 8 and Instructor & Coaching certification. The rider’s coach is dedicated to teaching the skills riders need to become a well-versed horseperson, one who not only has good sound principles of riding skills but also has the opportunity to learn horsemanship skills as well.

The Rider Certification program is a national program with national standards that are recognized nationwide with Equine Canada certificates of achievement awarded for each rider level completed. In addition, the program will prepare those students who aspire to become instructors, coaches, trainers, and camp volunteers at Paramount or anywhere in Canada.
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